About us

Welcome to hypehou.se. We aspire to be your go-to place for fresh house music.

What sets us apart

  1. Unique taste. Instead of casting the net far and wide, we want to focus on a specific niche and excell at it. For us that niche is house music.
  2. Powered by algorithms. Tired of rarely-updated Spotify playlists? So are we! We’re creating various algorithms that scour through other websites (Beatport, 1001tracklists, r/firehouse…) in order to bring you constantly-updated playlists.
  3. No ads. We don’t want to obstruct your browsing and listening experience with irrelevant ads. Instead, we plan on offering producers a chance to promote their music to a wider audience for a modest fee.

Main features

  • Spotify playlists. We offer both automated subgenre-specific playlists (#pulseBass, #pulseTech, #pulseDeep), as well as a hand-selected one (#pulseSelects).
  • News(letter). We maintain a news section in which we share latest EPs, LPs, live sets, and everything else we find of interest.
  • Originals. Occasionally we’ll record a set and put in on our Mixcloud, and maybe even some edits/mashups on our Soundcloud.
  • Social media. We do our best to engage with house music fans and create fun content while doing so.

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