Femme House

House music with a feminine touch. Tracks (co-)produced by women.

Artists like: ESSEL, BLOND:ISH, Clementine Douglas, Eli & Fur, LOVRA

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Latest update (March 18th)

  1. ESSEL, James Hurr - Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)
  2. Carly Wilford, Mary Leay - All Of Me
  3. Capozzi - First Come First Serve
  4. Sivz, Tinywiings - True Colours
  5. Hannah Laing - Be The One
  6. Camden Cox - Oblivion
  7. RayRay, Dirty Audio - Losing My Mind
  8. Charlotte Devaney, Amy Lauren, Jaxx Inc. - Fire On My Feet
  9. Le Twins - Takata

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